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Every client is different. Every garden designed by Vanston Horticulture is unique to the
client and the existing architectural style and surroundings.

Chris Vanston brings 45 years of experience creating traditional and contemporary
gardens. Vanston Horticulture excels in working with our clients to bring originality to
settings that are fresh, perhaps unexpected and always welcoming.

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Each plant, tree and shrub installed by Vanston Horticulture receives unique treatments
for on-going health and hardiness. Their proprietary formulas for all plantings are
specially mixed for every variety and setting including location, soil and existing

The company provides evaluations of the health and treatment for trees and shrubs as
needed. Tree services and nurseries turn to them for their expertise in defining the
arboreal issues and needs of their clients.

Our clients call us to precision-prune their specimens in order to help maintain their
stability and gracious form. Insurance companies from around the country requiring
expert advice turn to our President, Chris Vanston.

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Flagstone paths, brick stairs and bubbling fountains bring finishing touches to a lush
garden or gracious grounds. A new patio can become a fresh outdoor room for

Vanston Horticulture has a reputation for building the finest structural additions to your
new or existing setting. Our skilled artisans have turned a wooded, weedy hill into a
Japanese-influenced flagstone staircase attracting visitors from around the city. Our
recently-finished, crushed marble-encased camellia garden has been described as a
formal, yet contemporary “jewel box”.

Talk with Vanston Horticulture about your vision. We can make it a reality.

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Vanston Horticulture designs and creates for unique settings. Using innovative ideas and
leading-edge techniques, Chris Vanston can put his decades of experience to work for
you. Whether you’d like to engage your guests with a cleverly designed maze, impress
them with artfully crafted bushes and trees or simply create a unique look that sets you
apart, Vanston Horticulture can work with you to design a spectacular display for your

Using a keen eye and extraordinary attention to detail, Chris can help you determine
what’s possible based on the terrain, the horticulture you’re thinking about and the
space you have available.

Call 501.413.4188 to discover how Vanston Horticulture can transform your outdoor space into an intriguing showplace.


Reviews and Testimonials


Team Member

For over 45 years, Chris Vanston has been creating and caring for extraordinary grounds, pondscapes,
specimen trees and shrubbery throughout Florida, Louisiana and Arkansas.

Chris has overseen and landscaped extensive properties including a 438-acre conference center with
45-acre lake. He turned a maze into a destination attraction and has remedied live oak allees of grand
Louisiana plantations damaged by hurricanes and ice storms. Upon special request, he developed a
new variety of rose and hibiscus.

Led by Chris Vanston, our exacting staff is trained to design, and attend to the most minute details of
your new or existing prized outdoor environments.

Our goal is to present landscapes that are our client’s pride and joy.

Vanston Horticulture is the arboreal consultant for the Arkansas State Capitol grounds as well as KTHV 11. It is regularly called upon to evaluate the health of some of our state’s most recognized trees and provide appropriate treatment as necessary.

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